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    Open a demo account with one of top recommended brokers and see how easily you could get to work in the live Forex, stock, crypto markets with our broker platform.



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    Competitive Spreads

    Instrument Minimum Spread Typical Spread
    EUR/USD 0.7 1.5
    AUD/USD 0.7 1.6
    EUR/GBP 1.3 2
    USD/JPY 1.6 2.1
    USD/CAD 1.6 2.2
    EUR/GBP 1.7 2.2
    USD/CAD 1.5 2.5
    EUR/CHF 2.1 2.7
    EUR/JPY 1.6 2.5
    We want you to succeed, so we’ve put the best possible terms in place for you to get simple and reliable access to the markets. We’re dedicated to helping you keep more of your money in your pocket and watch it grow every time you reinvest or place a new trade!

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    Smart Trader


    Make the most of trading analysis with SmartTrader’s real-time charting platform.Featuring one-click analysis, custom alerts, strategies shared by pro analysts … plus available automated trading systems, education resources and more. SmartTrader is designed to make trading easier, so you can spend less time charting and more time living, without missing opportunities that fit your goals!

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    Metatrader 4

    MetaTrader 4

    Put your strategies or automated trading robots to work for you when you use MetaTrader 4 to connect your 123 Trade account to live market charting — with the latest tech in the markets including available VPS connectivity, you can take your trading on the go.

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