Recommended Trading Platform

Looking for State-of-the-Art Technical Analysis software? SmartTrader has tools like the Smart ABCD Fibonacci tool (even in the FREE basic version) that you won’t want to live without. Smart Tools and other add-ons like that make SmartTrader a must-have analysis platform. 

If you use Fibonacci in your trading, you would be crazy not to check this out in our opinion. Especially considering there’s a video a few inches below where I demonstrate how awesome the Smart ABCD Fibonacci tool is. 

Valuable for traders of ALL experience levels. SmartTrader is cloud-based, so it can be used on Windows and Mac computers (they recommend running in Google Chrome Browser).


Want to learn about SmartTrader Charting, our trading strategy and the tools we use before you get started?

SmartTrader is designed to make your analysis more efficient no matter what your strategy. If you are a fan of Technical Analysis, this platform is a dream (or at least it used to be!!!). 

In the video, I demo a lot of tools I use every day while demonstrating how to find BIG trading opportunities with favorable risk:reward.

How did the 1035 PIP call we made in the video work out?


Safe to say the SmartTrader Tutorial aged like a fine wine. Video was Published October 7, 2020 and GBPJPY hit target price in February 2021.

That’s about a $10,000 opportunity from a standard lot position – a trade with a margin requirement of only about $250 in most countries.

Want to become a profitable trader?


Some traders will spend YEARS looking for what’s missing from their strategy. Bleeding money in their accounts, missing opportunities at making money and feeling unfulfilled.

You will need a firm grasp of technical analysis and a strategy that you can trust and execute with confidence. Understanding your emotions and how your decisions may be more important than where to draw lines. That is something that comes with TIME.

Market Traders Institute (MTI) is the oldest Forex educator on Earth and the truth is that they have more experience than we’ve seen ANYWHERE else. Check out a FREE LIVE WEBINAR with them and find out what a first class education, trading tools, and mentorship are all about.

Smart Analytics

Have difficulty drawing trendlines? Fibonacci Ranges and ABCDs? Support and Resistance? Japanese Candlestick Patterns?

You no longer have to find and draw any of them manually again with the Smart Analytics Tool. This took them 2 years to develop after 20+ years of educating thousands of traders on technical analysis. An absolutely amazing product that deserves a lot of love.

Spend less time “drawing lines” and more time looking for places where you can execute your strategy. Valuable for traders of ALL experience levels. Must have at least SmartTrader Prime.

Build a Bot

Have a strategy you want to automate? You don’t need to be a programmer to use Build A Bot. You do not need to know how to code to discretely build your dream system.

This Smartscript within SmartTrader can help you automate countless trading strategies with various entry and exit techniques. It’s finally possible to build and test your own automated strategy WITHOUT learning to code.

Appropriate for experienced traders with an understanding of indicators.

Smart Gauge

Want to know what most traders think about a trend?

Use the Smart Gauge to check out what SEVERAL indicators including popular tools like Stochastic RSI, Moving Averages, Keltner Channels, Bollinger Bands, MACDs and many more. Cool thing is the gauge looks at all of the indicators at once for you, and provides a bias in the “Buy” or “Sell” direction.

Massively valuable tool if you are looking to bias an automation, speed up analysis time, or give yourself more confidence in the direction you are placing trades. Pretty sweet video with Jared Martinez, 30-year Forex vet, showing off the Smart Gauge below. Enjoy!

Appropriate for all trading styles and experience levels. Must have at least SmartTrader Prime.

Flex Trading Room

Learn from the best instructor we’ve had the pleasure of working with in Chris Pulver. He’s got a “take what the market gives” you style approach utilizing various strategies depending on current market conditions.

Watch Chris trade LIVE 3 days a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Sessions are recorded if you can’t make it live. He gets incredible results most traders would kill to emulate.

His matra is to try and keep things as simple as possible. The only way to get consistent results is to have a consistent plan for success. Pulver is a master of his craft, and we wouldn’t brown nose this hard if the guy couldn’t hold up expectations in the trading room.