What is Forex Trading?

Forex provides more opportunity to trade with greater market power than any other market.

Trading Mistakes to Avoid

Check out these common mistakes you can learn from other traders as opposed to spending your own capital on a lesson you would like to forget.

9 Trading Tips

The best traders out there treat trading like a business. If you are looking for a way to create a new income, you will need to map out your path to hitting your goals.

Equity & Risk Management

Skilled traders pay close attention to the risks that they are taking and the amount of equity they are risking it for.

Japanese Candlesticks

There are 3 types of charts that you can view price action data with: Bar, Line and Candlestick. All of them have their merit, one of them stands out above the rest.

Support and Resistance

All markets and investment tools have prices where they have made turns in the past. If you are to be a profitable trader, you must know what these are and how to recognize them.

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Ready to Trade?

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